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In our society nowadays sexual molestations are rampant, but victims are rarely identified. They choose to keep silent for their fear of rejection, yet several behaviors are manifested unconsciously. Most of us are unaware of these unconscious expressions of their condition. This article will help you understand the language of sexually molested individual.
Published by Rowena Fernandez 61 months ago in Therapy & Counseling | +2 votes | 1 comments
Motivating a person to disclose something which he or she holds dear is a challenge that psychologists must surmount. Many people are not willing to divulge any personal information unless they find themselves in situations that will allow expression of their innermost feelings. But how can a counselor gain the trust of his clients? The article below describes specific steps on how to start a conversation and motivate a person to disclose even very personal matters.
Published by Rowena Fernandez 65 months ago in Psychology & Psychiatry | +2 votes | 2 comments